MBA Compliance Conference

Conference Overview
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So you think you’re in full compliance! You also think you have a handle on new rules and their application to your practices! What are your expectations for regulatory compliance in the coming months and years? What are those of your Board and executive management?

In 2005, the Mississippi Bankers Association found that many exposed to the “new” discipline of regulatory compliance management were looking for answers, and introduced the first Consumer Compliance Conference, focused on regulatory change and critical compliance thinking. Each year since has built upon this premise with 2014 marking the 10th such offering, providing an unparalleled educational and shared knowledge experience.

Managing the unprecedented changes of the past few years – with changes to the rules, forms, disclosures, industry supervisory structures, and exam expectations – continues to challenge even the most experienced compliance veteran. Mississippi Bankers Association is proud to present this seminal event that helps identify what’s new, what’s not and what’s next in meeting the challenge of CRITICAL THINKING ABOUT CRITICAL ISSUES FOR CRITICAL TIMES!

The program offers a hands-on, “practitioner’s” approach to critical thinking and compliance rather than philosophical or political debate of the issues. Traditionally, this has been a welcome aspect of the presentations, providing opportunity for peer exchange, lessons learned, and shared “how-to” solutions to many of the most critical issues.

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