Endorsed Products

The MBA is committed to providing value and savings to its member banks through product and service offerings. Member banks are encouraged to consider these endorsed and sponsored programs. The products and services on this page have been endorsed by the MBA Board of Directors, or the Group Insurance Committee. For information on endorsed and sponsored products, please contact the MBA office at (601) 948-6366. 

Thumbprint Signature Program

The MBA has endorsed the Texas Bankers Association Thumbprint Signature Program in a statewide effort to combat crime by obtaining a fingerprint of any non-customer who wishes to cash a check. The only expense to the bank is the purchase of special ‘inkless ink’ pads, which may be ordered from the MBA. To order, click here.

Senior Crimestoppers Program

Since 1999, the Memphis-based Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation has served as a conduit for banks to earn no-risk Community Reinvestment Act credit while achieving above-market yields and helping to fight a problem that plagues our society – the exploitation and abuse of nursing home residents. The mission of SHCPF is to promote a safe, crime-free, high quality of life for residents of nursing homes and other senior housing facilities through its Senior Crimestoppers Program. Banks support this mission by making CRA-creditworthy loans and investments in their communities. By participating in the Senior Crimestoppers Program, Mississippi’s banks can join the banks of 45 other states where this program has been proven to reduce crime against nursing home residents by over 90%. Through endorsement of the Senior Crimestoppers Program, the MBA has adopted the mission of SHCPF. All MBA member banks have the opportunity to support this mission through sponsorship of nursing homes and senior housing facilities in their communities. To speak to a Senior Crimestoppers representative, contact George Clinard at (877) 232-0859.


Fraud-Net, the MBA-endorsed online computer network, is used to combat financial crimes. Since its MBA endorsement in August 2005, 82 MBA member banks and 61 law enforcement agencies have signed on as users. In addition, eight credit unions are users due to a financial arrangement between MBA and the Mississippi Credit Union Association. Fraud-Net allows bank personnel and law enforcement to exchange reports on incidents of fraud and robbery, and to track reports in a secure computer network. It aids investigations by allowing reports to be sorted by type, geography and other categories. The MBA provides Fraud-Net as a member service free of charge to all member institutions and law enforcement agencies.  Fraud-Net is available at no charge to member banks.  For more information, please contact the MBA office at (601) 948-6366.

ABA Insurance Services

MBA-endorsed program. ABA Insurance Services offers a full suite of coverage for financial institutions including D&O, bond and related insurance from an A.M. Best A+ rated carrier. Property & Casualty insurance is now available. Recognized for underwriting and claims handling expertise, this unique bank-owned and banker-directed program insures banks across the country and has a sustained market share of nearly 25%. A distribution to participating banks has been declared for 23 consecutive years from the program's reinsurer, American Bankers Mutual Insurance, Ltd., totaling $77.9 million. For more information, visit abais.com or contact Richard Flenner at 800-274-5222 or rflenner@abais.com. Connect with us on Twitter @ABAInsSvcs.